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7 reasons to give "new life" to your monograph

You are a SCIENTIST! You have been working on a specific topic, problem for many years, have thoroughly studied or continue to study. You are the author of many monographs, which are the result of your many years of work. These monographs are your experience, knowledge, research, theory, analysis. So why is this long-term work, which deserves attention, which must be shared, shown, presented to your colleagues, young researchers, and the scientific world, simply lies on the shelf in the department or in the library?

7 reasons to give "new life" to your monograph:

  • Reissue of the book in electronic format will significantly expand the audience of readers, since the book (or metadata) will be available in the public domain.

  • Reissue of the book means creating a new cover, obtaining an electronic ISBN, making amendments or changes (new data, current trends, etc.) to the text, if necessary.

  • Updating the design style that will meet modern realities.

  • Placement in the catalog for the possibility of indexing scientific monographs by world resources – the book will be indexed in prestigious world resources: libraries, repositories, electronic catalogs, etc.

  • If your monograph was published in Ukrainian (Russian), then the reprint of the book in professional English will allow you to show it to the entire world scientific community.

  • Today your time cannot be wasted, and the reprint of your monograph is a minimum of your time as a scientist.

  • Give new life to your monograph and earn scientific dividends from it. Your monograph will be placed in the FIRST catalog of monographs in Ukraine -


A guarantee that when your book is republished with us, it will be brought to the ideal that was not achieved during the first edition.

Creation of an electronic barcode that will lead to the page with your book.

DOI registration for your book.

The work on the reprint of the book is carried out efficiently, in a short time.


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