• Theory and methods for calculating the inertial-braking characteristics of a ship



    One of the most serious problems of modern navigation is the accident rate that occurs due to inept or belated maneuvering of ships. As a result of accidents in the world, more than 200 ships sink every year and every fourth receives significant damage.

    Full-scale tests show that the stopping distance of large-tonnage ships turn out to be much less permissible, and shipbuilders are able to significantly reduce the astern power of such ships, making them cheaper at the expense of safety.

    The low accuracy of inertial-braking characteristics is mainly due to unqualified...

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    The development of the modern world community is closely related to advances in computing resources and cyberspace. The formation and expansion of the range of services is based on the achievements of mankind in the field of high technologies. However, the rapid growth of computing resources, the emergence of a full-scale quantum computer tightens the requirements for security systems not only for information and communication systems, but also for cyber-physical systems and technologies.

    The methodological foundations of building security systems for critical infrastructure...

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