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All scientists in the world have the same goals: to participate in modern research, to improve existing methods, and, of course, to make great scientific discoveries. To achieve them requires scientific activity, including the publication of articles and research results, the number and citation of which form the international ranking and reputation of the scientist. We are used to thinking that a scientist's activity corresponds to his altruistic views. What if we told you that this altruism could be profitable today?

We would like to tell you about a partner in our publishing house that gives scientists the opportunity to earn extra money from their research. The British platform is a place for transparent and honest communication between the author of a scientific article and its recipient. The aim of the platform is to realize the rights of the author as part of the global scientific community. The logic of the platform ensures the author's rights to the scientific work and its distribution, which allows to receive a financial benefit from the results of research, excluding the possible involvement of intermediaries between the author and the final recipient.

Features of the Science Platform:

- enforcing your commitment to science and knowledge dissemination. You choose your own role: author, reviewer, expert, translator, or reader;

- fair distribution of financial income and intangible services, respect of copyright and reliability of contracts;

- obtaining a personal overall evaluation of published scientific work and scholarly ranking;

- the opportunity for your colleagues to participate in the objective evaluation of scientific work;

- earning a profit from your research without cost sharing.


While you are in doubt, your colleague has already registered and is earning income. What do you expect?