Ukrainian-Latvian Research Projects Competition for 2023-2024 Begins



From 6th June till 2nd September 2022 the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Latvian Council of Science announce a joint Ukrainian-Latvian scientific research projects competition for implementation in 2023-2024.

Priority Directions:

  • energetics and energy efficiency;
  • ecology and sustainable environmental management, including marine research, specifically the study of pollution of marine waters with chemical reagents and microplastics;
  • new technologies of prevention and treatment of the most widespread diseases, research in the field of biotechnology, bioengineering and genetics;
  • new materials;
  • social and human sciences.

The competition is open to any scientific and research groups of higher education institutions, scientific institutions of both countries.


To participate in the competition you must submit the following documents:

  • supervised list;
  • application form for participation in the competition;
  • confirmation sheet from Latvian partner - project manager;
  • act of expertise on the open publication of materials on the theme of the project;
  • CVs of Ukrainian and Latvian project supervisors;
  • complete the Google-questionnaire, which must be accompanied by a completed application in *.doc and *.pdf formats.

Due to the military regulations, these documents shall be submitted by the participant of the competition electronically (scanned copies of the original in *.pdf format) to the email: All the documents listed in the application form shall be submitted in one sheet with the corresponding name of the sheet. Deadline for submission - 2 November 2022 (until 17:00).

For more information please contact the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine: