Publisher's Goals and Objectives

The books published by the scientific PC Technology Center are focused on the publication of original scientific solutions of applied character. By the applied character we mean the practical potential of systematic scientific work in the form of a monograph, which can be revealed in the process of implementation in different sectors of the national economy. Therefore, the process of issuing each monograph is preceded by an assessment of its potential, which is carried out by experts in two aspects:

‒ assessment of scientific potential through the prism of systemic analysis;
‒ assessment of applied potential through the prism of the content's practical significance.

These procedures are carried out at two levels:

‒ double  blind review by expert scientists in a given field of knowledge;
‒ based on the decision by universities' councils that recommend a given monograph for publication.

Open Access policy

Some of the books from the catalogue are open-access books. These books are free to browse, read, download, and print out. The rest of the books are subscription-based.

Copyright notice

Our publishing house uses the CREATIVE COMMONS copyright provisions for open-access books.
The authors who are the authors of these books agree to the following terms:

1. Authors reserve the right to authorship for their work and transfer to the publisher the right to first publish this work under a Creative Commons Licenses.

2. Authors have the right to enter into independent supplementary agreements regarding non-exclusive distribution of the work in the form in which it was published by this publisher (for example, posting the work in the electronic repository of the institution), provided that the link to the first publication of the work by this publisher is maintained.

Privacy Statement 

Publishing house pays special attention to hold all information in confidence that comes to the publishing house and has not been published yet. The basic principles of the editors are:

- All reviewers confirm the confidentiality of information they work up to the time of the publication.
- If a reviewer needs help or advice of experts about a particular subject matter, the reviewers report to the publishing house and get permission for such consultation.
- The information, proposed by the authors to the publishing house, is not transferred to third parties.
- All contact information (phone numbers and addresses), which the authors give to the publisher, is used only by the editors and is not transferred to third parties.